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    Monday, May 03, 2010


    Well, I think i don't write here since last year, so I might as well say "Happy 2010" even if i'm 5 months late :p

    This year has gone by really fast, and the current events in my life are actually very promising.
    Let me fill u in, on what's up...

    I'm nearly done with school! (one subject to go and then thesis) I couldn't be more happy!

    I have BIG plans with one of my newly discovered passions..MAKE UP! I'll keep u up with that when i figure it out ( visit my channel comments are more than welcome as well as subscribers and ratings!)

    I'm currently preparing a trip to NYC for an event called "the make up show" where i'll get to take a closer look in the world of make up artistry..All of this in the lovely company of two good friends, great make up artists and new travel buddies :D i can't wait!
    Check them out :D out here Puff Maquillaje y Estilismo

    And last but not least (i left this one for last, cause i want to brag about it freely) I have the BEST BOYFRIEND EVER!
    OMG! I'm soo happy and sooo in love with this guy i don't even recognize myself when i see myself! It's sooo awesome when God puts in your path someone that is the person that will steal your soul and heart away...and it's funnier when u've known this person all your life! Random, i know!
    But it's like that...We've been together for 10 months and we are soo happy with each other people are calling us "the biggest romance on twitter" hahaha i just love my lil guy. He's just great!
    I have never seen my mom love someone as much has she loves Leo, ( his name is Leonardo, yup like the ninja turtles :p )
    That has proly been the best gift I received last year. He's coming to NYC with me and showing em around. We can't be more excited.

    Yesterday I saw "Julie & Julia" it was pretty good..I guess it inspired me to get back to bloggin'

    Missed u guys! :D