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    Thursday, January 04, 2007

    It's all very simple

    You don't know me, that's for sure...but i'll help u a little with somethings...

    The fact that i'm small dosen't mean i'm a small person, or handicapped..I'm just small, but big!
    Big in feelings and emotions, big in perception, just..big.

    I expect things even when i'm a sleep. It's just that i am like i am and sometimes i want others too be like me in some ways, not just like me don't get me wrong, but sometimes to let ur hair down and roll in the grass for a while.
    Yeah, i know, if i could look up one word in the dictionary that could define me it would be spontaneous. That's just exactly how I am.

    I don't want you, you who are reading this, to don't get my point. Actually there's no point whatsoever in this post, but as i said before i just wanted to say this.

    I like simple things, im a sucker for sweets and i just loove outdoors!. Pretty simple huh?
    Well yeah, i guess so. But some of u don't see it like i do. For me it means so much more than just sitting in the grass for a while...and jumping up and down with little kids, and more than that
    it's me in full gear.
    I guess i'm still a little kid inside.

    Then, what is it that u have do to get to me? well, its very simple my friend....
    Just be urself, and add a bit of sillyness, a bunch of smiles and just BE.

    But, be YOURSELF... simple huh? very simple indeed.