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    Wednesday, December 06, 2006


    "today is definetly not a good day....

    yup, thats right.

    yesterday was horrible too..but today, well today tops it. thankz a lot to who is responsible for it." (
    yeah that was a few days ago)

    Aparte de eso, how can a person dissapear? voluntariamente? is that humanamente posible? would that be kidnap? ..or self-abduction? If any one knows something about that, please get back to me.
    Decisions Decisions...umm i'd like to have an eight ball to make it easier. December is the "decisions month".. sucky

    blah blah si habla sica cuando ta triste?! Jeez! deberian de kitarme el internet when im, problematico el asunto.

    Anyways, nah im very vaga lately , so kien necesite que lo ayude a pintar , mudarse, a hacer diligencias, y vainas mas..k me avise, por que en enero se me va abrir el pecho.

    oooh you dooon't mean nothing at tooo meeeeee
    (sing it nelly!)
    y nah. ya que supieran que tor' viva!
    (9 :27 am)
    Someone is VERY PISSED OFF!