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    Friday, April 21, 2006


    bump bump bump...
    thats my heart calling ur name...

    I dont know why but it feels soo good
    it feels so soft to touch u and see u infront of me
    and know that u are mine
    and im yours too

    i dont care what happnes next
    i just close my eyes and there u are...

    bump bump bump
    that my heart spelling ur name...
    Can we feel the air on our faces again?
    Can we feel the cold water sparkling on our leashes again?

    And I dont know but i....i..just..
    well...i Love you...
    And that day will come...
    And im waiting...

    Its just so sweet to hear u say my name
    and so pretty how u dance around for me...
    and I love it when u just stare at me...and ask me why i stare back.

    I love when nonsense is beautiful
    and phun equals you...

    and i just want to say...ehm..
    well....that i just... I love you...
    and i just want to say in love with you...<3

    P.D.: i sang all of it while i was writting it.....