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    Tuesday, March 28, 2006

    "Cucucha's" emancipation

    Dont pressure me more.... dont make me think that all that is in my head is actually going to happen...or that i will actually go through with it.
    Dont rub it in my face everyday, i know im not perfect, but dont take advantage of it, ur just only making it worse.
    Sometimes u make me feel so worthless, so meaningless that it is unbeliveable that i was made in your insides.
    Its just so funny to me that the tables have changed, im not bad, u know it....its just that im not me anymore..... me left this body a long time ago...
    at least let me finish a sentence...
    Im standing at the edge of the cliff...and ur just making it worse...pushing me with words, and making me want to slip on purpose.
    So, i wait sitting on the bathroom..waiting for the pain to go away, and the tears to dry out, the red of my eyes and the swolen face to go down....its unfair..ur unfair...
    Do u think doing this to me is helping?????
    Somethings are not things that i can control...its not like i want them to happen..thats why i dont speak to you, that why im so "hermetic", thats why ive never told u anything, not even whats going on in my head, yes , my perverse mind, como la llamaste simplemente por k tengo menos edad que tu y por k no tamo en 19 60 whatevah. Si, mi forma de pensar no es de personas que viven en ete patio de pai, pero eso no significa que no sea correcto.
    i just wish i could turn back my mistakes become fixable..and yours dont affect mine..
    thkz 4 reminding me everyday how much i hate last much i hate my past and how much i hate you and myself sometimes.