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    Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    "I like writing on napkins"

    I was there...right there on your door...
    Right infront of u, jumping around and buggin you with madonna songs...
    Quietly smiling and not paying attention to u or u to me, but there.
    I was right there, lookin innocent and cute...u where there minding ur own bussiness.
    And them u came....with out i noticing and took my world by storm...and rocked it like no one before.
    And there i was mischievously wondering where did u come from but then i remembered, u where the guy with the funny face and the phun sense of humor.
    Making me smile a gizillion times a day, covering my days with colors and sparkles. Making smile sound and feel so simple again, and revolving everything around me.
    I just wish i was there, at your door again, but before...just before the songs, and the beach, the candy, and the crabs, the sausages and the smiles....just before....
    but i was there, right at your door, with antlers in my head and a smile on my face...

    I'll miss you......