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    Tuesday, November 29, 2005


    Happiness is.....
    • Everytime i wake up...and the first thing that comes to my head, (aparte de que no kiero levantarme) is you.
    • Those cute little msgs i read...
    • The way u make fun of me...
    • How u think ur always right.
    • They way u look at me sometimes.
    • La cara que pones cuando piensas cositas...
    • They way u eat
    • The cute little nick names
    • The cute little babysh faces and sounds u make when u talk to me...
    • How u cant stand it when im sad...
    • They way u say my name..
    • When u stick out ur tongue at me....
    • How u always seem to know things before me, or things im supposed to know, but i dont...
    • When u hug me...
    • Who u cant stand it when im right
    • When i see u from a far..
    • When im next to u...
    • When i think about u...
    • When my day just brightens up when i hear u ..or see u...
    • The effect u cause in me....

    Happiness is a lot of things....but, resuming it all in one word? Happiness is U***!

    p.d. (no encontre una foto donde tuviera una sonrisa mas grande y donde me viera mas feliz que esta.....)