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    Thursday, November 03, 2005

    A bubble...

    "I am a bubble..."
    ESo pense esta maniana...despues k alguien..k tenia anios k no veia me vocio"burbujiitaa"...(asi, me dice esa persona)....and then i tought..."i am like one"
    Tornasol, colorful, fragil.....cute! jajajajaja look at me from a far....cause when u at least notice it imma POP on you...

    Aunque im a bubble...filled with fairy dust. (yo creo k esa eh la jartura k tengo que me ta haciendo habla diparate)
    i have a tune in my, silky, beachy house tune....

    "Till there was you, I know what you're needing
    My thoughts are leading, me straight into your eyes
    What can I do? I'm looking right at you
    This feeling is all new, I want you addicted to me " a bubble...its dosent make any sense, i know, pero mi mami me dijo que yo podia ser whateva i wanted!!! so im a bubble! =]

    And you....what are u?... what are u guys?(feel free to comment)
    "you got me dancing and cryin....."